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October 5th, 2007

(no subject)

It has been a year since I have posted an entry in here... Oh jeebus what a year it has been!

I would like to introduce you to my baby Giovanni:

**edit- for some reason I can not get this picture to load... so trust me... I have a fat cat!**

He is a year old now... He has gotten so big!


I graduate college in Decemeber FINALLY. I am ready to be done with the whole mess. Only 9 weeks left.

After that... who knows.

So yeah- thats a REALLY quick update of my life... I am going to try and start writing in here a couple times a week... Why not, right?


hehehe... I so put the wrong picture- Thats Giovanni!

August 29th, 2006

Friends list cut

I just cut my friend list. I am going to most likely be deleteing this journal in a week or two. I just don't have the want to continue it.

Hope all is well with everyone.

August 14th, 2006

I found out tonight that one of my best friends from high school recently found out he was HIV positive.

This is like my third good friend from high school to test positive. I feel so bad for them. I can not fantom testing positive.

I also feel helpless. What I am suppose to tell them? I hope you have a good five years? I know that the life span is better now and that people are living longer.

But these are all false hopes. Given to us by the goverment or the media or someone.

AIDS is still real. It still happens. In small towns like Piggott, Arkansas. It still is real.

At least to me it is. IT's real and it scares the shit out of me.

I wish I get that point across to the gay youth of today. to everyone, not just gay people.

AIDS is the bogging man we feared as a child, AIDS is under our beds waiting to come out and get us, The only thing that can protect us from the boogie man is to protect ourselves.


please- be smart.

August 6th, 2006

I am alive...

I am feeling shitty...

I applied for a credit card and now they are scamming out of some money... I would hate to get all Lorraine Bobbit on them. They are saying I owe like 198 dollars in 'set up fees'. but I have no card. So I am going to call them on monday and get that all straighten up.

My roommates went out and bought all this awesome stuff for the apartment... and I am broke right now.. I feel bad... When I get my student loan money in, I am going to have take the girls out.

Money. blah. Money. Blah.

I will try to spend more time on LJ. I think I should.. I pay to play on here... I should spend more time in books... but thats not happening!



August 3rd, 2006

horrible noter...

yeah... I am sorry I have been shitty.

I am just addicted to that freaking website...

Seriously... I have been a member since saturday and I have already made 300 posts.


so yeah.. I don't think I will be putting in as much time here as over there... so if I don't comment on you forever... I will not be upset if you defriend me.

So yeah... off to the hub!

August 1st, 2006


So today (monday) was the first day back from vacation at work... I had to be there at 9..

which is cool... except I am used to staying up till 3 am... so it was an issue...

I tried to go to be at midnight... didn't happen.

got to sleep around 3- had to be up at 8.

so when i got home from work. I was tired, grumpy, and had a head ache..

So I was like I will take a nap.

6 hours later... I am awake.


Sorry I haven't commented on your pages... I went to do it today and someone *coughbrettfordcough* had a Utube video on his new post which makes my old computer freeze.

So I don't know who has updated, so please forgive me.

Plus I have been addicted to the hub. Seriously this place rocks my socks..


Go there and join! it is wonderful! Make sure you put josh down as a you reference!

July 30th, 2006

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I liked it. I would say out of 10-- I would give it 5 stars.

There was a lot of blood and guts-- but i felt that it wasn't that creepy.

Body count wise- only 6.

Not a lot of a DTF- (dead teenager film- which is a new sub genre of horror films.)

It did follow a lot of cliche horror film parts.

1. Girl running from killer in the woods.
2. Everyone one dies except one girl- the final girl.
3. Final girl is victim turned herione.
4. While audience is there to see dead people, they route for final girl.
5. Final girl gets away.
6. Ending is a suprise- a twist from what you expect.

I tell you people- NEVER take a film appreciation class. You learn how to pick apart movies.

There is a really good book entitled Men, Women, and Chainsaws by Carol Glover.

It is a good dorky book.

Ok. going to go play at my new favorite place.


Go there and join! it is wonderful! Make sure you put josh down as a you reference!

thank you.

thats all I have to say.

thanks for clearing that up.

* no longer feels like a hurt child *


I don't deal with drama.

But I do not like it when people accuse me of doing something that I didn't do.

Today-- I cleaned out my friend list. If you don't post on my diary and I don't post on yours... what is the point of being lj friends.

I know people are busy and two of the people I unfriended have a huge number of friends on their list.

I didn't do it because I don't like them as a person, or because I want to be mean-- did because that is the logical thing to do.

So I am sorry if that hurt your feelings, or you now think I am going to go behind your back and say stuff about you. But I pray that you were not referring to me in some of the comments you said in your post.

Because if you were... that really hurt my feelings.

and boo on you.

going to watch my movie now.

Saturday night...

I am about to watch Texas chainsaw massacre.

the new version.

I am stoked about it!


I will come back after I spend two hours away from computer!


July 29th, 2006

Perfect Saturday.

I have not done anything today.

Just sit at my desk and play on the computer.

It has been awesome. I love days like this, but they are few and far between.


I am thinking about ordering chinese, but I really don't need to. But I could go for some Sweet and Sour chicken.



I am a total hermit I have decided. My roommate can totally attest to this. I hardly ever leave my room. I think it drives her nuts. But I am totally at ease with myself i am in my room. I feel safe. Nothing can happen to me in here. and Im not alone. I have my computer.

I used to be real social- I went out all the time. now i am an antisocial person.

Oh well.. I have found the coolest website. I love it. its actually a forum thing. Its called the hub or something.

Me loves it lots!

fun party...

as we can tell by my drunken voice post....

but yeah.

I told someone I would help them drywall today, but I am not really in the mood to drive anywhere... so here I sit.

I really really would love to help them, but I think I would just be in the way. Hardcore like in the way.

I dont know shit about drywalling.

Plus the guy I would be helping is hot. hot. hot. and has a boyfriend who is hot. hot. hot.

So lets not hop on that train.

So yeah.. I am going to do that name survey... I stole it from brettford. He is my future ex husband. yum.

1. Are you named after anyone? If so, explain. My first name is the same as my fathers. I hate it. My first name is Larry. It would be better if it was Lawrence. But Larry is just so southern. blah. My middle name is Joshua- my mom picked if from the good book. :)

2. Do you have your children's names picked out already? If so, is there any significance? yep. If I have a girl I want to name her Gaberella Joyce- and call her Gabby. If I have a boy- I like the name Levi Jackson.

3. If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name have been? jodie nicole. blah.

4. If you could re-name yourself what name would you pick and why? Joshiah Michael. I hate my first name but can't change it till my father dies so I can stay in his will. Damn the man.

5. Are there any mispronunciations/typos that people do w/ your name constantly? people always fuck up my last name. It is littrell. not litrel. not luttrell. Not Latrel. and it is pronounced lit- trell. not la-trell.

no you guys know enough information to stalk me.

go ahead- stalk away.

Voice Post:

432K 2:17

Transcribed by: multiple users

July 28th, 2006

i'm a horrible commenter...

and I am sorry... expect lots of comments tomorrow.. since it shall be my recovery day from what is going to be happening tonight.

Tonight is the wal-mart party at my house... I have 75 jello shots chilling in the fridge... **actually 74- I just had one... hehehehe*

I am looking forward to letting loose and having a good time... We really don't have a radio.. but I have a boom box and ou TV has Serious Music...

I wish I had a cool computer so I could play fun songs and shit... but alas...

I dont know how I feel about this whole party thing... I have never had a party... what if no one comes? I had little get togethers with the GSA, but never a fun BYOB kinda of party.

We shall see...


I just want everyone to have a great time... I have cards for Circle of Death..

**the best drinking game ever!!!***

I need to shower, shave, and fix some dinner for myself. My roommate had to work tonight so I am flying solo.

Well, the cat is here, but he is not much of a party-goer.

But he is a rockstar... Just like his pops!

July 27th, 2006

Bye Bye Frumpy girl.

I dont know if frumpy is spelled right but last night on Project Runway the frumpy girl got booted.

I loved her little dog outfit... but the rest poof.


Did you hear Lance Bass finally came out?

I always knew at least one person from Backstreet boy/NYSNC would be gay.

Its the rule of one out of ten.

I always hoped it would be justin, but what can I say... lance is a close second.

**though I was thought out of the ten of them... Kevin from BSBs was the hottest**


I am doing laundry right now... I really don't like doing laundry... It takes to long.


I am suppose to go to my friend Kyle's house to watch so you think you can dance... I have never seen an eposide. So this should be fun.


Tomorrow night is the big Wal-mart bash at my apartment!! I am excited.. Tomorrow I am going to be making Jello shots and cleaning the apartment!


Ok... going to go make some Lunch.

i have a confession...

i love GQ.

and details.

the magazines... i know its sad.

this month's details has a picture of Zack and Kelly.

Like from Saved by the bell!

Random triva... Who knows what year Zack and kelly graduated high school?

give up?


ok. going to bed now.

July 26th, 2006

My computer (though I love her) sometimes has breakdowns.

And when someone puts a Utube post up, it won't let me post comments... It just kinda of freezes on the page.

So yeah...

I had a hell of a time getting on to LJ because the main page has a UTube video up.

Damn the man.

But as soon as the Utube filters down... I will comment... So someone needs to write a bunch.

Last night was awesome... as I was driving home, I looked over and saw a huge pile of shit on someones yard.... I thought I saw a desk... So I pulled over and sure enough there was a desk! Pretty much a brand new desk! in the trash...

Now it is in my room... You better believe it!

As I was there looking at the desk... I noticed a mattress and a set of box springs....

I thought... I can't sleep on someones mattress, I dont know what has gone on it.

But then I started thinking.. my bed sucks. and is a twin. This bed is a full... two people can fit on it.


So the roommate and me went to Walgreens and bought a rope( and some cleaner shit.) and now I have a new bed.

The bed is really nice. No scary stains, no broken boards, no bad springs... It looks pretty new.

We are thinking the guy must have gotten evicted, because his computer was out there as well... I almost took it, but I figured if I got a desk and bed I would let someone else have a little joy.

I should have grabbed it though, because when I drove by this morning the garbage truck was tossing all of it in the big old truck.

Yeah for new shit!

I got a bed and a desk for 7 bucks!

I'm a rockstar!

July 25th, 2006

Another boring post....

emo boys kissing...
My life is quite boring I have decided.

All I talk about is work and my cat and the occasional boy.

No new boys though... Not really looking for any right now. Just doing my thing and waiting for school to start... (and it is taking forever to start.)

I hate summer time... I hate being bored.

My cat has a new fetish of licking my feet. It grosses me out hardcore because I really hate when cats lick me... they have weird feeling tounges.

Can I say how much I love brettford for that amazing picture of John Kenney? John was one of my favorite Survivors of his season.

later tonight I am going to dive in complete retard fandom and do a post of my pregame picks from each season of survivor and how I did. Because I am that cool.

I am also thinking of going friends only... just because I want to. I just need a cool friends only banner.

Who wants to be my new best friend and help a brother out? :P

I would stoked!


walmart blah...

So I got offered to work in a different part of the store tonight. Photo lab.

I actually accepted the position, but tomorrow I am going to decline it.

I want to stay upfront in the craziness.

No photo lab for joshfries.


Today was my 6th day straight. I am going to shoot someone if I don't get off soon.

**off from Wal-mart, not... off... hehehe**

But I am off all weekend. thank you god.

and we are having a little gathering at my apartment... my first party!

So stocked about that one! :)

Ok going to go to bed... I really want to read but I have no books... maybe I will go to the library tomorrow.

maybe not... but you know... whatever.

Ok peace out!

July 24th, 2006

6 months at wal-mart.

It is offical... I have been at wal-mart now for six months! I can't believe it!

I do not usually hold on to jobs long. I get bored. So to be at one place for 6 months is like an accomplishment.


The mood around my apartment tonight is somber. Kahula was the more vocal cat and it seems that Giovanni is trying to make up for the lack of meows, and will just go off meowing into other rooms.

It is sad. He is being uber clingy and I have been trying to touch and feed and love on him as much as possible and I think he is getting quite spoiled.

He is going to hate me in a month, cuz he is going to be getting declawed and de-nutted. I am doing my part to help control to pet population and to keep my furniture intact.

Tomorrow is going to be another fun day at wal-mart... 2 to 11. my second favorite shift! I know I am weird... but I hate 8 am shifts... makes me all crazy!

My favorite shift is 1-10.... but 2-11 rocks hard ass as well.

I am going to bed now...

**i just looked at my paycheck.... $478.00! Hell Yeah Mo Fo!**

peace out~
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